Groton Zoning Update: Remaining Schedule

Topics of Discussion at Zoning Commission Meetings

The schedule below is subject to change.  Most meetings will be held on the 1st Wednesday of the month.  Supplementary meetings may be scheduled for the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

Each meeting will focus on any proposed changes to a section and any related policy decisions that need to be made.

May 2018

Procedures, Administration & Enforcement

  • In the context of a merger with the Planning Commission (PC)

Use Conditions, cont.

June 2018

Special Districts

  • Particular emphasis on Open Space Subdivisions

Use Conditions, cont.

July 2018

Site Standards

  • Parking
  • Signs

Updated Mixed-Use Districts and standards for multi-unit dwellings

Use Conditions, cont.

Address any “red flags” related to Special Districts

August 2018

Site Standards (other than Parking & Signs)

Use Conditions, cont.

September 2018

Special Regulations

Use Conditions, cont.

Address any “red flags” related to Site Standards

October 2018

Address any “red flags” related to Special Regulations


Any remaining questions or policy discussions

November 2018

Complete draft text ready for review

Formatting, cont.

DECember 2018

Housekeeping, any final edits


Public Hearing(s)