How are we going to get from here to there?   

How Long Will the Zoning REGULATIONS Update Take?

The Zoning Regulations Update has taken about 18 months. The public hearing draft has been ready since May 2019.

Who Can Participate in the Process?

We are eager to have all residents, business owners, and other stakeholders within Groton take part in this project and shape the future of our community. 

The project team conducted a detailed evaluation of the current zoning regulations, studying typical types of development projects, discussing technical issues that commonly arise using the current regulations, and making field visits. As the project progresses, the community will be kept informed through this website and e-newsletters. There will be opportunities to make your voice heard at public meetings of the Zoning Commission. Also, the Zoning Commission will provide direction and feedback to the project team, and the Town Council will be briefed at key milestones.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are soliciting citizen participation in all phases of the project. Please visit the What's Happening? page for details on upcoming and past events and materials or contact us directly with your thoughts or questions. You can also submit your comments to us online, and sign up for our e-newsletter. 

Topic Briefs!

Want to see the Reader's Digest version of the proposed changes to date? Browse these one-pagers explaining proposed changes for the different sections of the regulations.  We will develop more of these as the project continues.