Industrial Districts

The Industrial Districts are meant primarily to accommodate production, manufacturing, and other related industrial uses. Most residential uses are prohibited in these districts, but many commercial uses are allowed, particularly in the Mixed-Use Industrial District.

Industrial, General (IG)

The IG district is meant to accommodate more intensive, large footprint industrial uses that are generally incompatible with residential neighborhoods and typically benefit from locations accessible to highway, rail, air and water access points. It also includes the Groton-New London Airport.

Industrial, Mixed-Use (IM)

The IM district is meant to accommodate low to moderate impact industrial and light industrial uses which may benefit from proximity to mixed use residential neighborhoods and which are located adjacent to highway access points. A mix of industrial and commercial uses is also allowed in this district, recognizing the market demand for industrial business spaces that are not isolated from complementary commercial businesses and the daily commercial amenities desired by employees. This district allows not only customary research and development, light manufacturing, office, corporate and related uses but also amenities such as hotels, restaurants, limited retail, recreation businesses and more. However, these commercial uses may only be part of a mixed-use development that also includes light industrial uses. Standalone commercial development is not allowed in this district. This mix of uses is designed to be attractive to modern manufacturers and their employees.