SUBASE New London Joint Land Use Study Implementation Project


Part of this project involves analysis of the jobs and housing markets in and around Groton. These analyses can help drive long range zoning, land use, and transportation decisions that are positive for our local and regional economies. Click below for economic analysis reports.

Town of Groton: Economic Profile


The NMDD zoning district is the primary focus of the proposed zoning changes related to this project, as it includes important lands adjacent to the Navy base. However, all of the work done on the recently adopted Zoning Regulations also support this project, designating areas for mixed-use and housing alternatives such as cottages, townhomes, and apartment homes.

Changes to the NMDD are being considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission (formerly the Planning Commission). Click below for materials and information provided to date.

Press Coverage

The Day, August 23, 2019

The Day, August 28, 2019

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - August 13, 2019: Discussion of zoning and map change proposals

Memo Map: NMDD Proposed Changes Map: Mystic Education Center Areas

Planning Commission Meeting - June 25, 2019: Discussion of zoning change proposals

Memo Minutes

Planning Commission Meeting - May 14, 2019: Introduction to the project

Memo Presentation Minutes